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Rescue Dog Gifted Custom Wheelchair by Mercedes Benz After Car Accident

Rescue Dog Gifted Custom Wheelchair by Mercedes Benz After Car Accident

Bunny, a courageous two-year-old rescue dog from Mexico, recently received an incredible gift that has transformed her life. Thanks to a heartwarming collaboration between Mercedes Benz and Eddie’s Wheels, a pet wheelchair customization company, Bunny was gifted her very own custom dog wheelchair. Bunny’s journey to her new set of wheels began when she was rescued by The Animal Pad, a dog rescue organization in San Diego, in partnership with Los Adoptables and keeping Finn in Mexico back in April.

When Bunny was found, her condition was dire – she had suffered from dog bites, was covered in ticks and maggots, and her hind legs were rendered non-functional due to being run over by a car. Despite the odds stacked against her, Bunny’s resilience shone through. She underwent surgery to amputate her hind legs, and miraculously, just five days post-surgery, Bunny was already adapting to her new life. Bunny’s inspiring journey caught the attention of Henry Friedman, the compassionate individual behind the keepingfinn Instagram account, who decided to share Bunny’s story with Mercedes Benz. The car manufacturer was moved by Bunny’s story and not only loved the idea of creating a custom wheelchair for her but also provided her with a fresh set of wheels labeled “Bunny’s Benz.”

Bunny’s joy and enthusiasm for her newfound mobility were palpable as she explored the world with her custom wheelchair. Mercedes Benz praised Bunny’s unwavering spirit, and Bunny’s incredible journey from a dire situation to a joyful and vibrant pup was celebrated by all. With her new wheels and a remarkable recovery behind her, Bunny is now ready for the next chapter of her life – finding her forever home through adoption.

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